Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Clear, beautiful results.
Invisible efforts.
Design as a tool to enhance lives
Applying Design Thinking​​​​​​​
Mission: offering integrated multidisciplinary solutions
To apply design thinking and help my clients and partners solve their problems and achieve their business goals while working together on quality projects, products, services, and solutions.
Design philosophy
What makes a product well designed?
A smartphone or a chair might be beautiful by themselves, but you can’t truly appreciate their design until you start using them. It’s only then that you experience all the subtle touches, all the visible and invisible things that make a great design.
I embrace a minimalistic, user-centric/audience-centric design philosophy, and I hold Dieter Rams and his 10 principles of good design in high regard.
Design Disciplines
Tools and Skills

A plethora of computer and software skills

“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”
Duke Ellington.
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1. Hourly (currently unavailable)

Hourly Rate: $30
• Perfect for small-medium tasks & open-ended projects
• You pay for what you need when you need it.
2. Retainer Agreement
10 hours per month: $270 (10% discount)
20 hours per month: $450 (25% discount)
30 hours per month: $720 (40% discount)
– Guaranteed commitment. 
Paid upfront.
3 months minimum agreement.
Discounted rates.
Simple accounting. 
Long-term employment.
You pay for a certain amount of committed hours to your business, with a discounted rate.
Perfect for
• Open-ended projects
• Constant creative workload 
• Seasonal work
• Advertisement campaigns
• Website maintenance 
• Other marketing material
• Virtually everything
3. Consultancy
Hourly Rate: $30
4. Training

Session rate: $500
• 1-8 attendees.
• Training sessions/courses for your teams & employees
• Subject to availability.

5. Scope-based project
• Flat Rate, Contract based.
• 50% Downpayment.
• Optional Milestone Payments
• Out-of-scope tasks require extra hourly payment or a new contract.
• Cancellation Policy Agreement.
• Good for timed and limited-scope projects.
• Availability varies according to workload.
6. Remote Part-Time
• Fixed hours per week or per day. 
• Monthly Salary
• Subject to availability
Multichannel communication, you’re welcome.
Reach me easily over your channel of choice, and let’s talk.
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