“A split visual showing a seller sending a parcel to the buyer” 
was all I received from marketing as a design brief.

Parcel Teleport ©2021 Mazadat



Parcel Teleport is a short 12fps 3d animation that was animated in stop motion style, produced for Mazadat as a visual for their social media marketing channels.

Blender 2.93 - BlenderKit - Adobe After Effects - Adobe Creative Cloud - Soundly  - Sheepit Render (Cycles Render Engine)

Character modelling: 
Ahmed Aladawy (based on ToyFaces by Amrit Pal Singh)

Look development, 3D animation, Sound mixing, & Post-processing: 
Ahmed Aladawy


ToyFaces (licensed) by Amrit Pal Singh are used in the app for users avatars. So, it made sense to base the full size characters on them.

Toy Faces ©2020 Amrit Pal Singh


Using a couple of avatar images as a reference, the first character (the seller) is modelled and shaded on Blender and rigged for posing and animation.

With the first character ready, it was time to create a variant of it for the second character (the buyer).

Arranging the scene:

Using assets from BlenderKit and primitive shape, the 2 scenes are built, and their looks developed side by side.

The two scenes are then uploaded to sheep-it and rendered separately, the two halves are then combined together with overlay graphical elements and sound effects in Adobe After Effects.


Thank you!

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